Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Demo Days a Big Success

The ASGA partnered with the Arkansas Golf Center in Conway April 28-29 to promote the game of golf in central Arkansas.  Various manufacturing representatives from Nike, Cobra, Ping, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Titleist etc. had the latest in golf equipment on the range and hundreds of folks - young and old alike - came to see and hit the latest in the ASGA distributed FREE NIKE HATS to JUNIOR GOLFERS!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Thank You to Staff/Techno Committee

In case you have not noticed, the ASGA launched a brand new website and several people are responsible for the new look, with hopefully new and improved information and access to golf.

First, kudos and hats off to ASGA Staff Member Mac Stubbs, our full-time Director of Handicapping for working so closely with the Technology/Communications Committee, chaired last year by Roy McSpadden of Russellville and this year by Ben Keeney of Fayetteville. Other Committee Members included Charly Jones of Sherwood, David Shirey of Camden and Wayne Callahan of Rogers.

We are still in the process of getting all the bugs and kinks out and some of the links may not be working, but will be working soon. We will also get the points calculator fixed and working properly on the right hand side.

We hope you like the new website - let me know what you think at

Friday, January 7, 2011

PGA Tour: Another Rules Violation

Camillo Villegas learned Rule 23-1 the hard way today at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Yesterday, during the first round and on the 15th hole, Villegas was attempting a pitch and up up a steep slope (for the second time) and when the ball started rolling back down toward where he had just played from, he flicked away a piece of a divot, a loose impediment, with his club. From the USGA Rules of Golf, under Rule 23-1: "when a ball is in motion, a loose impediment that might influence the movement of the ball must not be removed." A TV viewer notified the PGA Tour (I always wonder how they do this, is there a "rules hotline" for the Tour?)

Villegas was notified by Tour officials when he arrived for his 2nd round today in the first PGA Tournament of 2011, at Kapalua's Plantation Course on the island of Maui. The penalty is only 1 stroke, but since it was not applied before Villegas signed his score card yesterday, the penalty became a DQ for signing an incorrect score card.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rules of Golf Are Hot Topic

Lately, the rules of golf have become the #1 topic of discussion, from right here in Arkansas to the Futures Tour, LPGA and PGA Tours. Everyone knows about Dustin Johnson and what happened at the PGA Championship - and it may be talked about for quite a while. But did you hear about Sarah Brown being DISQUALIFIED in a Futures Tour event for a non-conforming club - and then the club was ruled to be conforming? Futures Tour officials disqualified her after nine holes (she was near the lead at the time) instead of letting her finish the round, as is often the case in terms of possible non-conforming clubs.

Most recently, this weekend, Juli Inkster was disqualified from the LPGA's Safeway Classic in Oregon for using a weighted training aid during the round. During a long delay on the 10th tee, Juli pulled a "donut" or similar device out of her bag and attached it to her club to warm-up. Rule 14-3 prohibits this type of device and while some feel the penalty may not fit the crime, a breach of Rule 14-3 is DISQUALIFICATION.

If you want to read more about these kinds of situations, go to which contains several talented and interesting bloggers. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Sarah Brown case...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monk Wade: My Predecessor, My Hero and My Friend

Lyrics by Don Henley, one of the lead singers for the Eagles: "I got a call today, I didn't want to hear, but I knew that it would come." When the caller ID on my phone yesterday indicated "Steve and Ginger Wade calling" I knew exactly what had happened, even before I answered. Steve's father, Charles "Monk" Wade had passed away. I had a feeling that call was coming soon - and ironically even spoke with Jack Ramer about Monk at the Arkansas Repetory Theatre Saturday night. "It would be appropriate for Monk to pass this week," I said to Mr. Ramer, "since the Monk Wade Father & Son starts Monday." Monk passed on Father's Day, the day before the first round of the tournament named in his honor.

Monk was a dear friend of mine, my predecessor and one of the greatest things to ever happen to amateur golf in Arkansas. When the ASGA offered me the job in December 1990, the first thing I said to the selection committee: "if you are looking to replace Monk, don't hire me because he is irreplaceable." Monk took the entire contents of the ASGA from Ted Darragh and Jack Robinson in 1975 - in a Footjoy shoe box - and developed it into one of the best small golf associations in the United States. One simple blog post will not be enough room to indicate what Mr. Wade meant to me - and furthermore I am not sure if I can find the words to accurately describe his impact. Mac, Terri and I went to see him for his 90th birthday, back in February - it is a time I will never forget and Monk is a man that many will never forget.

Rest in Peace Monk - I know you have been reunited with the love of your life, Miss Vera, and I look forward to seeing you both when my time on earth is over!

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Website = Behind on Blogging!

I apologize to those 12 or so regular followers I have on this Blog - I must admit the new website and all its capabilities for the posting of results, photos, news, etc. - I have simply gotten way behind on my Blogging. I will try and catch up in the next few weeks and hope I have some useful information to share.

One thing I do know is there are going to be some new Bloggers on this website very soon - as our new Director of Junior/Women's Golf will be posting important info on her Blog (the title is still a secret at this point) - but you will enjoy the creativity of Jessica Ross.

Plus, our talented intern, Julie Robinson, thinks she wants to become a Blogger as well - so you should be well informed as to the happenings of the ASGA!

June is a very busy month with the Men's and Mid-Senior Stroke 11th - 13th at Greystone's Cypress Creek Course; Mountain Valley Junior Boys and Girls Match Play at Foxwood 14th-18th and Monk Wade Father-Son on both courses at Greystone June 21-22; and we close the month with the Parent-Child June 27th in Hot Springs Village and USGA Junior Amateur Qualifying June 29th at Hot Springs C.C. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gonzalez: "I want to be first Hispanic to win"

The final match in the 44th annual ASGA Match Play Championship has just concluded minutes earlier (8 p.m.), and a few people were in the pro shop as steady rain and thunderstorms rolled over Hurricane Country Club in Bryant. Efren Gonzalez was admiring the Roy Wood Championship Trophy, calling out "John Daly won this and Stan Lee won it three straight years." He then stopped for a moment and looked at me and said: "Jay, I want to be the first Hispanic to win this trophy."

Some may say that Efren had an unfair advantage as assistant superintendent at Hurricane - but the fact remains you still have to get the ball into the hole. Plus, his starting time for the first qualifying round was 12:20 and he mowed for at least 4 hours prior and still managed a 73. He limped home in round two with a 79 that included two triple bogies - and earned the 15th seed - and next to last spot in qualifying. Then he found his rhythm - with back to back 6 & 5 victories and a 5 & 3 win over John Bragg in the semi-finals, another Hurricane member.
His game peaked in the championship match against Chris Jenkins -playing five-under par for 16 holes in a 3 & 2 decision - the first time he saw #16 in match play. (Jenkins was two-under and lost). Efren, you got your wish - and you are a deserving champion! Flanking Efren in the photo are his boss (left) Nick Birch, Superintendent and Jake Friedman, Hurricane General Manager.